Education Episodes

Education Episodes

2 Seasons

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Education Episodes
  • "Movie Fx" (Decency)

    Episode 1

    EJ sees a movie that exceeds his ‘mileage rating’ (age limit) and his friends notice his behavior changes for the worse. Radical steps are needed to restore EJ’s decent behavior.
    Season 2 Episode 01

  • "Cheaters U-Turn" (Goodness)

    Episode 2

    Its race time! To celebrate the opening of the new Morales Highway, the City of Auto has organized a grand race with the best racers from around the world. It looks like an easy victory for our sports Car Johnny! That is, if the other racers were not cheating.
    Season 2 Episode 02

  • "Cobra Canyon Leap" (Dignity)

    Episode 3

    The legendary show car Diesel Kanevil comes to town for final jump – the leap across Cobra Canyon! However, to all the other cars Diesel appears too old and past his prime. Johnny feels it’s up to him to step in and boldly attempt to save his hero’s dignity.
    Season 2 Episode 03

  • "The Integrity Project" (Integrity)

    Episode 4

    The Professor’s House is filled with amazing inventions, gadgets and doodads. While visiting the Professor, Izzi and EJ find one that is hidden among his many other wonderful inventions that doesn’t work at all. What makes this “failure” his most successful contraption ever?
    Season 2 Episode 04

  • "Rising To The Occasion" (Bravery)

    Episode 5

    Documenting true bravery eludes Izzi until car thugs threaten the peace and EJ provides her with an illuminating example.
    Season 2 Episode 05

  • "The Gift Of Golf" (Discovering Talent)

    Episode 6

    Much to her surprise, Cali discovers a natural knack for miniature golf. With Elrod’s help and some hard work, Cali learns how to take her talent to the next level.
    Season 2 Episode 06a

  • "Breaking Par" (Commitment)

    Episode 7

    When Cali competes in the mini-golf championship the pressure is intense, but with the help of her friends she may have a chance to win.
    Season 2 Episode 06b

  • "Daring Dreamers" (Determination)

    Episode 8

    Miles dreams of climbing mountains, but is afraid and Izzi wants to be on the Rescue Squad, but is too small. Through hilarious adventure these two learn it will take determination and friendship to hold on to their dreams.
    Season 2 Episode 07

  • "Unusual Suspect" (Slow to Judge)

    Episode 9

    Somebody took the statue of CJ Willy, and everyone in town is on the trail. Could it be Igor, the mysterious junkyard dealer, or Marley the reclusive artist? A mystery of epic proportions!
    Season 2 Episode 08

  • "Case of the Missing Statue" (Forgiveness)

    Episode 10

    Our friends risk secret passages and a city-wide chase to find the missing statue of CJ Willy – see the conclusion of the case, with an eye opening surprise ending!
    Season 2 Episode 09

  • "Get The Oomph" (Wisdom)

    Episode 11

    A high octane energy drink gives EJ the “Oomph!” he needs to challenge Mr. Morgan’s soccer record, but when the dangerous drink is banned, EJ must weigh the price of winning at all costs.
    Season 2 Episode 10

  • "A Taxing Problem" (Sharing)

    Episode 12

    When a tire shortage that hits the City of Auto keeps Miles from competing in the State Safety Derby, Johnny has an opportunity to look past his selfish ways and make a real sacrifice.
    Season 2 Episode 11

  • "Billy And The Big Horns" (Friendliness)

    Episode 13

    EJ, Izzi and friends race off to the great outdoors for a camping expedition. The road takes a startling turn when they meet a lost car raised in the wilds of Big Horn country. Can a smiling face beat a ramming head? Only Izzi knows for sure!
    Season 2 Episode 12

  • "Home Sweet Home" (Gratefulness)

    Episode 14

    Billy’s first trip to the city turns into the adventure of a lifetime as he discovers soccer, skateboarding, the video arcade, and most of all, ice cream! His excitement infects the whole gang, as everyone discovers that home can be the most wonderful place on earth.
    Season 2 Episode 13

  • "The Quest For Power" (Peacefulness)

    Episode 15

    The Anime festival is giving away special battle goggles that assist young players in their quest for power. EJ discovers something greater than power and aggression in the love and caring of friends and family.
    Season 2 Episode 14

  • "Monster Trap" (Trustworthiness)

    Episode 16

    EJ has discovered a monster lurking outside the City of Auto but everyone thinks EJ is off his axle except Izzi who is willing to believe her friend.
    Season 2 Episode 15

  • "CARnival" (Helpfulness)

    Episode 17

    The whole crew is needed to set up an old-fashioned carnival, but EJ is goofing off. It’s a good thing his friends are around to teach EJ the value of being helpful.
    Season 2 Episode 16

  • "Lugg Nutt" (Enthusiasm)

    Episode 18

    When the old vaudeville team of Lug Nutt & Dipstick comes to town, Miles learns that enthusiasm leads to success … or is that the other way around?
    Season 2 Episode 17

  • "Issadoras Box" (Restraint)

    Episode 19

    It’s Izzi’s birthday soon, but she wants to open her present now. The result is trouble for the whole town, but there is more than one character in this story who needs a lesson in self control.
    Season 2 Episode 18

  • "Extreme Overhaul" (Self-Acceptance)

    Episode 20

    The popular TV show “Extreme Overhaul” has Derek believing he’s just a regular truck with a boring life, but after getting his new look he discovers his old life wasn’t so bad after all.
    Season 2 Episode 19

  • "Breaking New Ground" (Empathy)

    Episode 21

    Breaking world records is fun, but when EJ gets hurt, Johnny’s the only one laughing. Sometimes the only way to feel someone else’s pain is to experience some for yourself.
    Season 2 Episode 20

  • "Level 39" (Willpower)

    Episode 22

    Johnny flips for the latest video game while EJ stuffs himself on a new snack. Can they control their cravings before their cravings control them?
    Season 2 Episode 21

  • "Western Hero"

    Episode 23

    When EJ and friends get a chance to meet their favorite TV western hero, they’re disappointed to find this cowboy cowering behind the real heroes.
    Season 2 Episode 22

  • "COTU Comics" (Imaginative)

    Episode 24

    The laws of science are stacked against EJ and his dream of flying, but with the Professor’s wise words about the power of imagination, EJ soars to unexpected new heights.
    Season 2 Episode 23