Education Episodes

Education Episodes

2 Seasons

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Education Episodes
  • "Timely Treats" (Punctual)

    Episode 1

    It’s Izzi’s birthday! To celebrate, everyone is going to see her favorite movie… but will Johnny’s dawdling cause Izzi to miss her own celebration?

    Season 1 - Episode 01

  • "Picture Perfect" (Prompt)

    Episode 2

    Everyone loves a parade! It takes a lot of planning, preparation and a photograph of the group… but the perfect mud puddle just might mess up their plans.
    Season 1 Episode 02

  • "Moving Forward Together" (Ready)

    Episode 3

    It’s the day of the big parade! The group’s hard work and effort comes down to this… but is Derek prepared, or will he let the air out of everyone’s balloon?
    Season 1 Episode 03

  • "Growing Responsible" (Responsible)

    Episode 4

    Cali just loves shopping! She needs a job so she can shop more and comes up with a plan to “let” her friends be responsible for her task instead.
    Season 1 Episode 04

  • "Red Card to Respect" (Respect)

    Episode 5

    EJ is tied for the soccer league’s lead in goals - with only one more needed to pull ahead! Will his “trash talking” put his goals at risk?
    Season 1 Episode 05

  • "Land Of Odds" (Dependable)

    Episode 6

    Johnny thinks being dependable means being ‘boring’ however when the Professor’s invention takes Johnny to the Land of Odds, his opinion quickly changes.
    Season 1 Episode 06

  • "No Rules Allowed" (Obedience)

    Episode 7

    Obeying the rules—that’s the ticket! But a club with no rules sounds even better… or does it?
    Season 1 Episode 07

  • "Shop Til You Drop" (Self Control)

    Episode 8

    Everything is on sale! And Cali can’t resist “saving” so much money that she hurts herself in the process… and a true friend helps her regain control.
    Season 1 Episode 08

  • "Center Of The Universe" (Polite)

    Episode 9

    EJ is the Center of the Universe – or so he’d like to think. But life at the center is no match for the crusty Elrod. Can EJ resist Elrod’s ways?
    Season 1 Episode 09

  • "Slippery Slope" (Truthfulness)

    Episode 10

    Only a few more days before the 4x4 championships and Maria has been training very hard. Will her desire to win become an obstacle she can’t overcome?
    Season 1 Episode 10

  • "Car Tune Pirates" (Honesty)

    Episode 11

    Everyone is excited about the Professor’s latest invention! No one can believe that something so cool could be wrong… until Franklin “invents” a little something of his own.
    Season 1 Episode 11

  • "Bully Bully" (Kindness)

    Episode 12

    Fight! Fight! EJ’s little scuffle causes everyone to receive an extra assignment. Can EJ get his assignment done before the weekend is over? Can EJ discover the meaning of kindness?
    Season 1 Episode 12

  • "Friends In High Places" (Thankfulness)

    Episode 13

    Izzi is feeling blue. Although she appreciates the help from her friends, Izzi wishes she could do things for herself. A mishap at the talent show might prove the perfect opportunity to shine! She discovers everything is built for a purpose!
    Season 1 Episode 13

  • "Heavenly Event" (Generosity)

    Episode 14

    Everyone is excited about the extraordinary meteor shower. As EJ leaves to watch the shower, he has an injury that will cause him to miss out, unless…
    Season 1 Episode 14

  • "Sunny Side Up" (Goodwill)

    Episode 15

    One small thought three friendships. Can one small thought be enough to hold these relationships together?
    Season 1 Episode 15

  • "Up From The Depths" (Joyfulness)

    Episode 16

    Will the Professor ever invent again? His latest work ended up as so many before… a failure. Unless a few friends can convince him otherwise, the Professor is throwing in the towel.
    Season 1 Episode 16

  • "Cooler Heads Prevail" (Patience)

    Episode 17

    The world just can’t keep up with Johnny’s speed. When Derek points this out to his friend, tempers flare. Can they look beyond their anger to save Maria and Izzi?
    Season 1 Episode 17

  • "Digging For Gold" (Cooperation)

    Episode 18

    It’s the State of Good’s Spelling Bee! However, a massive snow drift is keeping Izzi from the competition. Will the help of her friends be enough to dig her through?
    Season 1 Episode 18

  • "A Mile In Their Tires" (Tolerance)

    Episode 19

    Johnny and Miles are friends, as are Cali and Maria, but their differences begin causing problems. Will they still be friends after driving a mile on each other’s road?
    Season 1 Episode 19

  • "Stage Fright" (Consideration)

    Episode 20

    Izzi is excited! She has planned a show for all her friends, and they’ve all agreed to come… as long as the others go. It wouldn’t hurt anything to miss it—or would it?
    Season 1 Episode 20

  • "Izzi and the Giant" (Uniqueness)

    Episode 21

    There’s a new vehicle in town… and he’s different! He’s gigantic and must be up to no good—or so Johnny and Cali think. Can the difference be enough to save them from enormous danger?
    Season 1 Episode 21

  • "Rumors Of War" (Patriotism)

    Episode 22

    The future home of the Super Mall prompts EJ and company to make a last stand. But are there other ways to defend the land they love and save their precious soccer field?
    Season 1 Episode 22

  • "Price Of Freedom" (Citizenship)

    Episode 23

    After piquing the curiosity of the younger cars, Franklin finally shares the story of his friend CJ Willy and the Big War… and what it means to be a citizen.
    Season 1 Episode 23

  • "No Greater Love" (Loyalty)

    Episode 24

    Franklin continues telling the heroic saga of CJ Willy’s bravery and the sacrifice he made to save his soldiers.
    Season 1 Episode 24